Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas! Ours was wonderful. Braelle loves being surrounded by family, food, and presents!! We had a busy day on Christmas Eve. Braelle and I went to church that morning to serve as greeters to welcome guests. She was the best little greeter, and even made grumpy people smile! My mom's side of the family joined us at our house for lunch and presents. Braelle spent all her energy playing so hard and loving every bit of our company. She was SO animated when she got presents. She REALLY loves every single present she got and made sure we knew it! What a doll!

Love my girl 
 "Can I fly with these?!"
Christmas Eve (lunch with the Inabinets)

 She loves her orange bean bag!! Clearly...

 Reading the sweetest Christmas book, "You Are My Miracle"

 You love the lamb hat don't you?!

Every year on Christmas Eve we go to my Aunt Kathy's house (dad's side of the fam) for dinner and presents. It's always a blast and Braelle could really enjoy it this year! No pictures from that though...

When we get home from Kathy's, we open one gift...pajamas! Braelle's were super cute with owls!

While she was sleeping, I organize all the presents she had received thus far and added some from Santa!!

Finally Christmas morning!!

 She's been doing this new 'lookin over her sholder look' lately...

Having a child of your own brings a whole new perspective to Christmas. I love Braelle SO MUCH. I can't imagine anything happening to her or sending her to live some where else... like from Heaven to earth. I can't imagine sending her to die on a cross, even if it was to save the whole world. I'm selfish, and I love Braelle more than I love the people in this world. It blows my mind that God loves us enough to send his ONLY son to DIE for us so that we can one day LIVE with HIM. God's love for us is huge. I'm so thankful for His love, mercy, and forgiveness. May you feel His love today and always and never forget how incredible His love is for us.

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