Sunday, December 18, 2011

15 months and Christmas Attire!

Now that Braelle is 15 months:
  •  She has 16 teeth! Only 4 more teeth (molars specifically) to go!!
  • She loves dipping her chicken in ketchup, fries in honey mustard, and chips in queso! She just loves to dip anything she can, in whatever is available!
  • She has some seriously cute dance moves. (hands on ya knees, shimmy, shake ya tail feather, she can do it all!!)
  • She LOVES purses, lipstick, shoes, money, and cell phones. Girly girl in the making. (She better also love to play sports!)
  • She is a great little gopher putting dirty clothes in the hamper and trash in the trash can! (Smart girl.. :))
  • She is still a pain in the butt to change a diaper or clip her nails. She has hated both since the day she was born and will do anything to get out of it. So frustrating. But at least she's consistent? 
  • She loves spaghetti...and makes a huge mess.
  • She still loves books. Her favorite ones are the educational ones...seriously. Like the ones with real life pictures of babies, colors, animals...
  • SHE IS FINALLY 20lbs!!! Well, she's 19lbs in the morning, but 20lbs after she eats!! 7th percentile.
  • She's 31.5 inches long. 83rd percentile...
  • And well her head is still in the 100th percentile. Apparently that's never going to change.
We are SO EXCITED about Christmas! Braelle has been wearing her festive Christmas attire and I wish she could wear it all year long! So cute! We went to the Tanger Outlets today to pick up a couple Christmas gifts and let Braelle walk around. She got a TON of compliments!

She prefers to hold the bag. P.S. Janie and Jack is the BEST store ever for little kids!

Holding onto the zebra's ears instead of the handles! ha!

Sweet little girl!
Looks like it's going to be a pink and green Christmas this year! My favorite!! Braelle can't keep her hands off the pretty pink, green and silver bows. Christmas morning should be a blast! And no, all those presents are not for her! Santa's bringing her a brown baby doll and a baby doll stroller! :D

For Christmas Eve, Braelle will be sporting this outfit except the black shirt and tights will be white! I didn't want her to ruin the white before Christmas!


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