Monday, September 26, 2011

Now That I'm One

Now that I'm one:
  • I can eat strawberries
  • I can drink lemonade
    • Therefore I can have Chrissy's world famous Frutistas (fruity drink made with lemonade and frozen strawberries. Mommy's favorite. Go make one!)
  • I can eat other things that babies under one can't. (eggs, peanut butter, chocolate, citrus fruits, honey, fish, corn and tomatoes)
  • I take one nap a day.
  • I still hate getting my fingernails clipped and make it really difficult for mom. She get's em once a week!! Is that really necessary?!
  • It has become impossible to change my diaper. Mom gets frustrated with me, but I have better things to do!
  • I love blowing kisses.
  • I wave 'bye-bye' backwards.
  • I give hugs by laying my head on whatever Im loving on.
  • I have already become self conscious and cover up my 'ninnys' with my hands if my shirt is off.
  • I hit when I need something (like extra attention).
  • I CAN WALK. (9/24/11 was my first time!)
  • I seem much bigger to Mom.
  • I don't have to breastfeed anymore, but I still want to...Mommy still let's me and says she will till I'm 18 months. I'll probably try to prolong that deadline.
  • I wear 18 months in clothes.
  • I am 31'' long (90th percentile)
  • I weigh 19 lbs (10th percentile)
    • I am tall and skinny ^^
  • My head circumference is still in the 100th percentile (19'') Mommy says there has to be enough room for all my brain :D
  • I look more like mommy. You'll have to look past our coloring to see it...
    • Now that I'm one, I have been loved, cherished, blessed and alive for over a year! (20 months counting in utero) Thank you to all who love keeping up with me!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Birthday PARTY Time!

Braelle's birthday party was awesome! We were a little nervous that Braelle would have her 'serious face' on and not smile at her party... and of course she skipped her morning nap and was very cranky. About the time the party was about to start, she couldn't stay awake any longer and drifted off to sleep. Everyone got there and the party girl was asleep! My dad got a little anxious and woke her up...(which we never do because that can be dangerous!) But she woke up happy and the party was on! There was no need to worry about her 'serious face' as this girl had her party attitude on! Braelle wore a shirt that said, "I'm the Birthday Girl" with a big cupcake on it. She also had on an adorable pink tutu!

We ordered a 9 foot sub from Subway, which was a little much for 26 people, but that only meant that they got to take some home to their husbands/sons/fathers. We also had chips and dip, grapes, drinks and dessert! The dessert was awesome! We decided to have a dessert bar and let people choose what they wanted. Ashton made lemon bars and cream cheese pumpkin muffins, my mom made brownies, and my Aunt Fonda made her world famous oatmeal raison cookies. They were all a hit! Braelle got a cupcake from Whole Foods as her birthday cupcake!

Braelle wasn't quite sure what to do with her cupcake but she figured it out shortly!

People were most generous in the gift department. Braelle loved EVERY SINGLE PRESENT! Thank you to all who have been so generous and loving to my sweet lil girl. She has been doing some serious playing with all her new toys...and I have had a blast dressing her up in her new clothes and hair bows!

 Kisses (licks) for the baby!

"Look at ALL my presents!!!"

Happy 1st Birthday, Braelle!

Braelle and I had one awesome birthday weekend! Her 1st birthday was Saturday (9/17) and we had a perfect day.
We both woke up in my bed that morning and I sang Happy Birthday to her-she loved it and gave me hugs and kisses.
One of Braelle's favorite things to do is go outside on a walk-so of course we did on her birthday! I told everyone we saw, whether I knew them or not, that it was her birthday :)
Braelle loves chicken mini's from Chick-fil-a (must of gotten that from her mama) so we had that for breakfast.
Braelle got a phone call from one of my best friends, Caitlyn Oenbrink, who always calls on everyone's birthday to sing "Happy Birthday" opera style! haha
I was very excited about getting to turn Braelle's car seat around to face forward so we tested that out.  She is a much happier car-rider now!
Clemson played Auburn so we watched the game with Chrissy, Bubba Jerry, Ashton and Taylor. Thankfully, our day was made better when the Tigers pulled through for Braelle!!
We had salmon burgers for lunch-one of Chrissy specialties!
Soon it was time for an afternoon nap. Ashton and I decorated for the party while she was dreaming! Hot pink and orange balloons, streamers, and bright flowers were all throughout our house!
Chrissy took Braelle on an afternoon walk while Ashton and I finished off the decorations.
We had dinner ready for her when she came back. Then it was bath time and bed time and our precious birthday girl was fast asleep!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Accidents Happen

Little Braelle has gone through one tough month! It began with her first sickness, a very slight fever. 2 weeks later she comes down with Salmonella. << That alone made this month rough. A week later, Braelle is playing with my hard plastic straw, one that goes to those trendy cups like the one below, and she falls with it in her mouth and cuts the roof of her mouth. Blood EVERYWHERE. Then she reinjures it days later chewing on a wii remote. Blood EVERYWHERE. The next day she's playing peek-a-boo with Chrissy and when she ducts down to hide behind the tub, she hits the tub and busts up her bottom lip. Blood EVERYWHERE. Later that day, she slips in the tub while trying to stand up, and falls face first into the water...choking, screaming, and both of us scared to death. I've had my full share of heart attacks this month and am looking forward to Braelle's birthday so we can start a new, fresh year. I know the injuries aren't going to come any less as she begins to walk and be more active, but if they could space themselves out a little better, that would be great!

On a happier note, Braelle's baby angels, have done a great job in making sure non of these injuries or sicknesses have gotten too dangerous or out of hand. Thank you Jesus for watching over my baby girl and protecting her little body from what could have been serious accidents. So far, there has been nothing that a little breastmilk can't fix. PTL

I'll finish this post with a whole bunch of sweetness. See below :)

"On the Night You were Born"

With Braelle's 1st birthday coming up, (10 more days!!) I've been thinking about the night she was born. (2:31a.m. to be specific). Thankfully my lovely sister offered to video tape the most challenging, rewarding time in my life. I'll treasure it forever. To me, birth is beautiful. The whole process from pregnancy to laboring, to's all so magical.

I've editted my labor and birth videos for yall to check out. (About 10 minutes altogether...the whole video is 2 hours long!) Don't worry, they are not graphic, but they do show a very in pain, rough looking, mama! You'll see...

My labor lasted 72 hours altogether starting with the first contraction that hurt. I spent 68.5 of those hours laboring at home...So I went in to the Charleston Birth Place 3.5 hours before delivering. I was 8cm at arrival. The first video shows what I was like by the time we finally got there. (in some serious pain)

Rough huh?! Giving birth was the most powerful thing I've ever done. I planned a natural birth and wouldn't change it for the world, and yes, I'd do it all over again. God designed the female body so perfectly for giving birth. It's important to trust Him in how He made us. He intended for us to give natural birth...and for it to hurt. Genesis 3:16 says, "I will greatly increase your pains in childbearing; with pain you will give birth to children." And boy did it hurt!

3 hours later...

I love watching this video. Braelle was brought into the world in the most calming setting...warm water, dim lighting...mimicking the womb. I have the Charleston Birth Place to thank for that!

 Most would think that having a natural birth is scary because of all the possible outcomes that could occur. I'm here to tell you just the opposite. I had a very specific birth plan and it delivered exactly the way I planned. I had studied the birthing process and knew exactly what my body was doing the entire time. It's comforting to know a head of time that when I would say, "I'm dying, I can't do this anymore", it was completely normal, and just meant that I was getting really close to meeting my baby girl! It's interesting to me that the people that have hospital births are the ones that think birthing center births are uncontrolled. When in fact, an epidural or pain medicine have effects that can lead to more interventions. If you are induced, you are twice as likely to have a c-section. And the c-section rate at hospitals is 33% and rising. Verses 6% at the birthing center. This is why I chose to have my baby at the birth place, a controlled, dependable environment that truly wants you to have the best birthing experience you can have. And I did!
God has blessed me so much this year. Out of 70 trillion different genetic makeups Braelle could have been made, she was created how she is...perfect for me. I'm blessed that God chose me to mother her. I love her so much!