Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Diaper Disasters and Runny Noses

As posted last time, Braelle really might have 14 teeth at 14 months. She has till December 17th to get one more tooth...and it's coming!

We've had a little diaper disaster this week. Braelle has always worn Huggies Pure and Natural diapers since the day she was born, but lately they haven't seemed so 'pure and natural'. And we can't be havin that! All the sudden the new packs smell very toxic. My mom and I both have very extreme sniffers so we acted quickly when we opened a new pack. My mom packed up every one of Braelle's diapers and took them back to Target (about 3 packs). I did some research and knew these, Seventh Generation diapers were the way to go! So here's to Braelle's new and improved diapers! Free and clear!
Braelle has been fighting a cold. And I can't wait for it to go away. Runny noses are disgusting. Thankfully she doesn't have any chest congestion and is not coughing. But this runny nose, is running! I have tried so hard to keep Braelle away from all the sickness but we've been exposed a lot lately with the Holidays and it got the best of Braelle. She does not go to the church nursery where parents love dropping off their sick kids to expose everyone. And she doesn't go to many confined areas in the winter. And we normally ask people before we see them if they are sick. Call me crazy, but there is nothing worse than taking care of a sick child.
 And for those of you that keep telling me, "you have to expose your kids to build up their immunity" where did that idea come from?! If you knew of someone who had the stomach bug, you wouldn't go over and hang out with them. You'd stay as far away as possible. So why would you expose your babies? Don't do to your kids what you wouldn't do to yourself.
There are enough stands of colds, flu, ect, to last you your lifetime. Just because you get sick with one stand of the cold, doesn't protect you against all the other millions. It is my belief that you have to let your child build up his immunity before knocking it down. And you help build up that immunity by breastfeeding for a year until your child has a functioning immune system and by protecting your child from being surrounded by infected people. Babies are born without an immune system and God made breastmilk for a reason. I'm not going to over protect Braelle her entire life, so don't worry, but I would like to get her through this winter and shield her from unnecessary sickness until she starts school and is not a baby anymore. Right now, she's still a baby. My mom raised all 3 of us this way, and we rarely ever get sick. Our immune systems are strong! So I know this works for our family. I am thankful Braelle has made it 14 and a half months without getting sick sooner, but I'm ready for Braelle to be able to breathe through her nose again!

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  1. if you want toxin free diapers, have you ever considered cloth? we looooove them in this house, mostly because of all the money we save! the environment and being much better for Scarlett are good reasons, too :)