Saturday, May 26, 2012

20 years 20 months - Like Mother Like Child

Recently, I turned 20 and Braelle turned 20 months on the same day. We celebrated by going downtown for some Mellow Mushroom and Cupcake. Braelle wasn't on her best behavior, as she demanded to push her own stroller down King Street. I didn't think this was possible, but she seems to get more independent and strong willed every day. For instance, she likes to put her own shoes on and no matter how long it takes, I am not invited to help. Soon she'll be changing her own diapers. Which brings me to my next topic: Braelle is obsessed with "poo poo" and "tee tee". She talks about it all the time, tells me before and after she goes, and flips over immediately after I take off her diaper to take a look. Sounds like she's ready for potty training but I'm not rushing it. Speaking of which, Braelle now wears "The Honest Company" diapers by Jessica Alba. They get delivered to our house and fit Braelle's body type perfectly! Not to mention, they're really cute!

Braelle will tell you that her favorite color is "lellow" and the best part is not hearing her say it, but watching how it comes out of her mouth. Her little tongue feels the need to escape her mouth roughly 3 times. It's incredibly cute and funny! That being said, she is learning her colors and learning how to count to 10. Her favorite number is 9 and she tries so hard to make it follow 1, 2, 3, ect.

Braelle has proved to be quite the little mommy. She LOVES her baby dolls and babies in general. And she takes very good care of them. She's so thoughtful and makes sure they get something to eat, drink, and get to look outside at the geese. Earlier she told me one of her baby dolls had "poo poo". And so we changed her baby's diaper. A couple weeks ago we met some friends up at the pool, (one of B's friends which she talks about Aubri) Braelle was so sweet to Aubri and Raelyn and fed them their baby food and even put sunscreen on them! Melted my heart.

I am still nursing Braelle but it has slowed down. She nurses in the morning and when she goes down for a nap. She used to get it in the bath every night but if I don't take a bath with her, she doesn't get it. Looks like she'll definitly still be nursing by the time she's 2. We'll see how my school schedule will be like in the fall and whether that cuts into her nursing schedule. I've been talking about weaning but my sister brought up a good point, "What would be the benefit of not breastfeeding anymore?" I haven't come up with anything yet and I'll need at least something to go up against all the benefits of continuing to breastfeed. Other than it being socially unacceptable, which I could care less about, why should I stop?

Sorry you are having to read so much, she can skip down to the pictures if you prefer :D But I have a couple more things to say... Braelle is the biggest copy cat EVER! So you really have to watch what you say and what you do. All parents should always remember that because kids are ALWAYS watching. At night, I rock Braelle to sleep (unless it's taking too long-which is most of the time), and she encourages me to sing to her even though I don't have the voice of an angel. I like that she likes for me to sing to her though. When I get bored with 'Don't cry little baby', 'Bushel and a peck, 'Jesus loves me', 'Jesus loves the little children, ect., I start making up my own songs.

I have found 3 tiny freckles on Braelle's left cheek. They are so cute! It's funny how you love the things that your child got from you even when it's things you don't love about yourself. Like freckles and a random short toe.
Now for pictures!!

 She loves pushing her babies in their stroller!

Did I fail to mention how much she loves to chalk...on herself??

Sweet face