Friday, November 25, 2011

14 months

So I know everyone has already seen these pictures on Facebook, but I have to post them again so Braelle can look at this blog one day and see how sweet she was at 14 months! Here are some of my favorites!

Unfortunately, Braelle was having so much fun at Thanksgiving that we did not get one single picture. BUT, she wore that sweater dress above...^ and she looked adorable! You'll just have to take my word for it! Braelle pretty much smiled the whole day on Thanksgiving. I seriously think she might have had the best day of her life. This girl LOVES her family.
Life at 14 months:
  • I'm pretty sure Braelle is working on 4 more teeth coming soon. Just like she had 8 teeth at 8 months, she might end up with 14 teeth at 14 months! Her big bright smile is priceless. 
  • One of her favorite games to play right now is 'lets hide anything I can get my hands on'. She has sent some toys in Ashton's bag, hid Root Beer in drawers, (closed canned, no she can not drink it!), sent a play spoon in my bookbag to school, hid the missing domino in the cabinets upstairs with the washrags, ect. We find little treasures to remind us of her EVERYWHERE. It's kinda cute unless you're looking for what's missing. Like her sippy cup that disappears on a regular basis.
  • She can say "uh oh"
  • She wakes up talking about Bub (my dad), and doesn't stop all day long. I've never seen a child love her grandpa as much as Braelle loves my dad. I mean she never even says momma or Chrissy or call Ashton anything even though we take care of her the most. All she wants to talk about is Bub...and it's sweet.
  • She LOVES books. She started "reading" and studying them at 12 months. She turns the pages by herself, and is completely satisfied looking at books all day long. Smart girl!
  • Her favorite food is grapes and carrots.. but that hasn't really changed.
  • Oh yeah, she can walk backwards. haha
Braelle has been a huge blessing in my life and she gets sweeter and sweeter every day!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Exploring Parks

Lately Braelle, my mom, and I have been going to a different park about 2 times a week. We've been taking notes about which parks are age appropriate for Braelle and which ones will be good for her when she gets older. Right now, all Braelle really needs in a park, is a huge open field with nothing but grass. haha She just likes to do her own exploring and wondering around. And I like to just let her be free!

You've already seen pictures from the Waterfront Park in Mount Pleasant. (We love that one for all ages!) To refresh your memory, that is the one under the bridge. P.S. Did the one downtown and the one in Mt. Pleasant really have to name their parks the same name?!

Ashton and I took Braelle to the playground at Wannamaker Park. So far, this is my least favorite. Braelle struggled with walking in the gravel, I struggled with keeping the gravel out of her mouth, and we all struggled with maneuvering yellow jackets. The green open fields and water fountain should be a hit in the Summer though!

Notice how much fun she's having...haha

Next, my mom and I took Braelle to Noisette Park, located at the old Navy base. This is one of my favorites! Huge open fields, playground, water fountain to play in, on the River, swings, ect. This park is great for all ages.

Shem Creek Park, located on Shem Creek obviously, was a park great for a date night or long walks on the creek. There was no playground. It consisted of a long board walk, but we still loved it. After all, Braelle doesn't care anything about a playground, she just wants to walk. Our only struggle was getting her to go in the right direction.

Notice the bridge in the background!

We'll be headed to Waterfront Park Downtown soon! Please comment if there are some more parks we need to explore!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween with the Ladybug Family!

Happy Halloween!

Braelle waited patiently while Mommy and Aunt Ashton got ready!

We're Ready! Let's go!!

We went next door for a test run. I'd put Braelle at the door and Ashton and I would be just out of shocked a lot of people to just see a tiny ladybug when they opened the door. It was hilarious! Everyone really enjoyed our costumes! And Braelle was all about digging into their candy bowls with her little hands. She would go back for 2nds and 3rds... haha!

A couple people asked us to come inside to get our pictures! P.S. we only went to people's houses that we knew!

Hope your Halloween was just as fun as ours! We had a blast!