Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday, Braelle!!

Braelle is 2!!! I can't believe it. She has been VERY excited about turning two!

I haven't blogged since school started so here's what's been up:
Braelle has all 20 teeth!!! Finally, we are done with teething! I let her brush in the morning and I brush them at night.

Stats: Braelle is 23.4lbs (7th %) and 35'' long (90th %). Tall and skinny!! I still haven't measured her head in a while but I don't need to to know that it's big! Her foot has been doing some serious growing and she can no longer wear her summer shoes. She now wears a size 8. Yet she's been wearing size 24 months for a year now. Kind of bummed that I don't need to go shopping for her haha

Braelle's schedule has changed in the past week. She has been trying to skip her nap and has been successful. So the new plan is for her to be awake no later than 7am and take a nap around 1pm. She has to wake up by 3pm to go to bed around 8pm. I really need her to sleep as much as possible so I can study, but she has different plans.

Braelle and my dad(Bub) are tight! Braelle helps him put his shoes on before his daily walk and she takes it very seriously. When he returns, she helps him take them off. (even his sweaty socks). It's safe to say that she adores my dad and has the best time with him.

Lately Braelle has been calling me "Hannah" if I don't respond fast enough to her wants. She also calls anyone who is a mom, "mom". I get to be called "mommy" since I am special. :)

Braelle can tee-tee in the potty although it is not a consistent occurrence.   She was VERY proud of herself when she does but she normally tells me that she doesn't want to. I haven't been pushing it. I've always heard that potty training is miserable and I think it might have something to do with the child not being ready for it. So when she's ready, she'll do it!

Braelle is my bug killer. If we are outside or inside, she finds a shoe and beats them to death. Appearantly she has seen me kill a spider or two. A couple days ago, she informed me about a "bug" and I told her to go get it. She smacked my flip flop on it and came back in with a gooey, smashed, dead spider on her finger. That's my girl.

Since my mom broke her ankle, I have been taking Braelle to church with me every Sunday. I think it's good for her to have some play time with other babies her age but I don't think she actually plays with them. I'm pretty sure she makes one of the volunteers hold her the entire time. She cries off and on but when I go pick her up, she tells me that she had a good time, but that she missed her mommy.

At two, Braelle likes to play with play-doh (although she got it taken away a couple days ago for not cleaning up after herself), blow bubbles, chalk on the driveway, play outside in the dirt, READ, and dance. She also loves to talk on the phone and her favorite color is yellow!

How cute are these bee cupcakes Rachael made for Braelle?!