Monday, September 26, 2011

Now That I'm One

Now that I'm one:
  • I can eat strawberries
  • I can drink lemonade
    • Therefore I can have Chrissy's world famous Frutistas (fruity drink made with lemonade and frozen strawberries. Mommy's favorite. Go make one!)
  • I can eat other things that babies under one can't. (eggs, peanut butter, chocolate, citrus fruits, honey, fish, corn and tomatoes)
  • I take one nap a day.
  • I still hate getting my fingernails clipped and make it really difficult for mom. She get's em once a week!! Is that really necessary?!
  • It has become impossible to change my diaper. Mom gets frustrated with me, but I have better things to do!
  • I love blowing kisses.
  • I wave 'bye-bye' backwards.
  • I give hugs by laying my head on whatever Im loving on.
  • I have already become self conscious and cover up my 'ninnys' with my hands if my shirt is off.
  • I hit when I need something (like extra attention).
  • I CAN WALK. (9/24/11 was my first time!)
  • I seem much bigger to Mom.
  • I don't have to breastfeed anymore, but I still want to...Mommy still let's me and says she will till I'm 18 months. I'll probably try to prolong that deadline.
  • I wear 18 months in clothes.
  • I am 31'' long (90th percentile)
  • I weigh 19 lbs (10th percentile)
    • I am tall and skinny ^^
  • My head circumference is still in the 100th percentile (19'') Mommy says there has to be enough room for all my brain :D
  • I look more like mommy. You'll have to look past our coloring to see it...
    • Now that I'm one, I have been loved, cherished, blessed and alive for over a year! (20 months counting in utero) Thank you to all who love keeping up with me!

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