Friday, September 23, 2011

Birthday PARTY Time!

Braelle's birthday party was awesome! We were a little nervous that Braelle would have her 'serious face' on and not smile at her party... and of course she skipped her morning nap and was very cranky. About the time the party was about to start, she couldn't stay awake any longer and drifted off to sleep. Everyone got there and the party girl was asleep! My dad got a little anxious and woke her up...(which we never do because that can be dangerous!) But she woke up happy and the party was on! There was no need to worry about her 'serious face' as this girl had her party attitude on! Braelle wore a shirt that said, "I'm the Birthday Girl" with a big cupcake on it. She also had on an adorable pink tutu!

We ordered a 9 foot sub from Subway, which was a little much for 26 people, but that only meant that they got to take some home to their husbands/sons/fathers. We also had chips and dip, grapes, drinks and dessert! The dessert was awesome! We decided to have a dessert bar and let people choose what they wanted. Ashton made lemon bars and cream cheese pumpkin muffins, my mom made brownies, and my Aunt Fonda made her world famous oatmeal raison cookies. They were all a hit! Braelle got a cupcake from Whole Foods as her birthday cupcake!

Braelle wasn't quite sure what to do with her cupcake but she figured it out shortly!

People were most generous in the gift department. Braelle loved EVERY SINGLE PRESENT! Thank you to all who have been so generous and loving to my sweet lil girl. She has been doing some serious playing with all her new toys...and I have had a blast dressing her up in her new clothes and hair bows!

 Kisses (licks) for the baby!

"Look at ALL my presents!!!"

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