Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Accidents Happen

Little Braelle has gone through one tough month! It began with her first sickness, a very slight fever. 2 weeks later she comes down with Salmonella. << That alone made this month rough. A week later, Braelle is playing with my hard plastic straw, one that goes to those trendy cups like the one below, and she falls with it in her mouth and cuts the roof of her mouth. Blood EVERYWHERE. Then she reinjures it days later chewing on a wii remote. Blood EVERYWHERE. The next day she's playing peek-a-boo with Chrissy and when she ducts down to hide behind the tub, she hits the tub and busts up her bottom lip. Blood EVERYWHERE. Later that day, she slips in the tub while trying to stand up, and falls face first into the water...choking, screaming, and both of us scared to death. I've had my full share of heart attacks this month and am looking forward to Braelle's birthday so we can start a new, fresh year. I know the injuries aren't going to come any less as she begins to walk and be more active, but if they could space themselves out a little better, that would be great!

On a happier note, Braelle's baby angels, have done a great job in making sure non of these injuries or sicknesses have gotten too dangerous or out of hand. Thank you Jesus for watching over my baby girl and protecting her little body from what could have been serious accidents. So far, there has been nothing that a little breastmilk can't fix. PTL

I'll finish this post with a whole bunch of sweetness. See below :)

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