Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Life Lately

Braelle's life lately:
  • Tooth #9 and tooth #10 (both bottom molars) are making their debut slowly but surely. I can't wait for them to officially pop up b/c they're really causing someone to have a seriously bad attitude...
  • She's been learning how to come down the stairs on her tummy, feet first. I feel that is safest but she would rather come down head first to see where she's going...don't worry, I'll win the battle.
  • We started teaching Braelle where her mouth, nose, hair and ears are. She sometimes get's confused between her ears and hair...I guess they do sound similar...
  • She KNOWS what a TIGER says...that's my girl!
  • She's learning what a cow says. I say "moooo" and she says "mmmm" haha
  • Braelle LOVES to be outside. And apparently it is a necessity at least twice a day. She wants to go on a 3 mile walk (in her stroller) in the morning AND in the afternoon and when we get back, she wants to do some walking herself outside with her shoes on...
Yes, she props her feet up haha
  • She LOVES her shoes! I've heard that most kids hate wearing their shoes, but Braelle is definitely my daughter! She loves wearing cute shoes! These shoes are especially awesome b/c they were only $6 :)
  • I've realized lately that Braelle listens very well to my dad. What is it about a man's voice that makes a child listen AND obey?! If I, or any other woman, tell Braelle to stop doing something, she looks me IN THE EYE and does it again. I've got a mess in my hands and it looks like I'm going to need a husband to keep this girl straight! ha
  • Braelle has been pretending with her tea set that she's eating and drinking. I love watching her. I was the queen of imaginary play when I was little and it makes my heart happy to see Braelle playing like I used to. :)
P.s. Please check out the long skinny legs...they crack me up!
  • Braelle loves food and her favorite at the moment is sweet peas! Check out the video!

My life lately:
I joined a small group through New Spring Church and absolutely love it! I was meant to be in this group considering it was the only coed college group that met on the only night of the week that I could at a time late enough that I could put Braelle to bed and then go. Crazy how God put all the pieces together for me and all I had to do was sign up! This coming Sunday, I'm going to officially join New Spring Church. I'm really excited to be apart of what God is doing in Charleston and in my life!

As of my nursing life, I am officially able to register to clinical courses as of today! There were a million and one things to get done including immunizations, 2 PPD tests, (which check for Tuberculosis and require 4 doctor's visits, --I don't have it, so I'm in the clear!) certification in CPR, (I passed!) backgroud check and drug screen, (all clear), read the nursing handbook and take a test on it, (I passed the 2nd time...Braelle turned my computer off during my 1st attempt) and a lot of other nursing requirements. I have finished everything and am ready to start the program! I have an appt. next week to register!!!! :) :) :)


  1. You forgot to mention how much Braelle likes to sit in her booster seat! She hangs out in it all the time!!!

  2. I am convinced that if we lived in the same place our girls would be besties :-) A watched the video of B eating peas with me and first she waved and said "hi!" and then she laughed whenever B laughed like they were sharing some inside joke or something. it was so so cute. Also, I am so impressed with B's animal noises and body parts. Adelaide points to her ears for everything. ha. Braelle is too sweet! love her.