Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beach Vacation

Braelle and I love the beach! For my short summer break in between classes (2 weeks) Braelle and I spent 1 week at Kiawah and Seabrook (our favorite beaches!) The first half of the week, we spent at Kiawah with Rachael, Catherine, and Caitlyn. They love on Braelle and I and we soak it up! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera for that trip. I remembered it though when my mom and I took Braelle to Seabrook. Enjoy the pictures of my adorable, brown lil girl. :)

It also just so happened that Braelle turned 11 months during our beach trips! How cute is she in her full coverage bathing suit?! Gotta protect that perfect skin!

Natural Toys!

I love when she sits on her feet!

She LOVES the water. I had to hold her back from going deeper and deeper in!

Sweetest thing I've ever seen

Basically, she uses her feet like hands...nothin like likin the sand right off a toe!

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