Sunday, May 29, 2011

And So Began "Our" Love Affair With Water

I couldn't wait to take Braelle to visit the Oenbrinks at their amazing house on Lake Murray. I've grown up here in Charleston loving water...from being on the Coosaw Creek swim team for 9 years, to learning how to water ski when I was 8, to ocean kayaking every summer. I want Braelle to have the same appreciation and love for God's amazing creation of water. And so far, so good!

It was time for dinner, we loaded everyone up, put Braelle's life jacket on, and were off! Braelle enjoyed her first boat ride...she fell asleep!

How cute is this Bee life-jacket for Baby B?!

After Tom treated us to dinner, the boat ride back wasn't as smooth as the ride over. Lil brown girl was getting tired and hungry and wasn't excited about having some patience.

Thanks for the memories Oenbrink family, Catherine Duckett, and Rachael Beebe! Yall the the best!


  1. wow! i'm so impressed that she was able to fall asleep on the boat! I have a feeling that Adelaide would just stay awake and then be cranky. ha. so fun!

  2. The Oenbrink's love you and Baby B! See you in July!