Sunday, May 15, 2011

Braelle's 1st Sleepover

Everyone was skeptical when I first announed that Braelle and I were headed off to Kiawah for a couple of days. She had never slept anywhere else but home. Of course I was with her every second, but B is not one for change. She notices the small stuff...(like a different mattress). I didn't tell anyone, but I was a little nervous myself.
I said a prayer as I laid her down in her pack-n-play, begging God for a good night. B woke up for a midnight snack and drifted back to sleep. God must of wanted to give me a little hope for future sleepovers the first night we stayed, because the first time she woke up, was also the last! As for the second night, well...let's just say it didn't go down like the first. She woke up every hour and even though it wasn't time for her to eat, I gave her my milk to make her quiet in hopes that she wouldn't wake up the rest of the house. It worked. But I will say, that was the last night we stayed.
During the days we had a blast. I basically have the best friends a girl could ask for and they are so loving and patient towards Braelle and me. "Once a Friend, Always a Friend" is a pretty good motto I think, to describe the friendship between Rachael Beebe, Catherine Duckett, Caitlyn Oenbrink and myself. After all, we've been best friends for all of our lives.

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