Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birthdays & Boo-boos

It's my last year to "be a teenager"... as if I'm not already living like I'm 30. :D
Today I got to share my birthday with my little girl. I'm glad we were both born on the 17th. My amazing mom took us out to eat at the West Ashley Mellow Mushroom for lunch...it was delicious as always. She then proceded to take us downtown to Cupcake, where she bought me not one, but two cupcakes. I might have talked her into it but still. I got a French Toast cupcake (AMAZING), and a Turtle cupcake. Both were scrumptious but I prefered French Toast.

We almost got through the day without any mishaps. That was until Braelle slipped and fell on her wipes container, cutting her bottom lip with her sharper than sharp puppy teeth. As Braelle bursted into tears and shrieks, I yelled, "We've got blood!" My mom and dad came running, offering a wet wash cloth and a frozen teether to stop the swelling. She stopped crying shortly and I, of course, grabbed my camera to capture Braelle's very first boo-boo.

Now THAT is a fat lip...poor girl

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  1. I hope you had a great birthday! Very cute pictures of you and Braelle! She looks like she handled her first boo boo pretty well :)