Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Let's Reminiscence

Let's reminiscence, shall we? So apparently nursing school pretty much requires you to have a smart phone, which I don't have...yet!! I've had my nonsmart phone for 3 years and have lots of pictures of Braelle on it so here are some over the years that I couldn't do away with!

Will I be a basketball player??
 Or a gymnast??


 Braelle drooled on my pants and it made a heart!

 When B had Salmonella...

 My 1st Birthday!
 1st time I saw B sleeping on her back
haha ok so B was nursing and had an itch on her cheek so she scratched it with her toes!
 I'm too cool
 Sleepin in the tub
 Oh how I LOVE this picture

 hahah...Baby dreads
Just a couple hours old
 haha a girlfriend of mine texted me one night..."hey sexy" and I replied with this picture, "how's this for sexy??"
 And of course I'll never forget this day...ha

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