Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Year and a Half

Braelle celebrates her half birthday every year on St. Patrick's Day! Right now, I'm sure she thinks all the choas is revolved around her and thinks that everyone is throwin down for her half birthday! Can yall believe she's already 18 months?? Check out just how so very cute she is!

Cutest outfit you've ever seen?! Wish it came in my size!!

So Braelle is 18 months and this is what's been up:
  • Walks up and down stairs (with assistance)
  • Moved up to size 4 diapers
  • Speaks words and babbles A LOT. Some examples are, "read, momma, Bub, Heath, water, uh-oh, woah, wow, baby, hey, thanks, ect." Aunt Ashton pointed out that B also says "weee" when seeing or going down a slide, "hot" and "yum yum"
  • loves the beach
  • knows all body parts
  • tells me when she has a 'full diaper'
  • definitely right handed (thank God)
  • still nursing...the new goal is to stop by age 2
  • has hit the terrible two's early...throws temper tantrums on the regular...but good thing is they don't last but about 5 seconds
  • weighs 21 lbs still (5%)
  • Not interested in letting me measure how tall she is and we haven't been to the doctor's for a check up in 9 months, but comparing her to other kids her age, she seems tall.
  • LOVES ice cream!!
  • Insists on giving headbutts, pounds, high fives, hand shakes, kisses, hugs AND waves (in that order normally) when having to say bye-bye. If she gets all of those tricks in, she doesn't care if you have to go. So this little routine really helps with seperation anxiety. She also needs to run to the door and watch you leave. She often tries to give a distant headbutt and blows kisses as I drive away. Sweet girl huh?!


  1. You forgot that she says "weeee" when going down the slide (or when she sees a slide), "hot" and "yum yum." I didn't want you to not give her proper credit :)

  2. Headbutts, pounds, and looooves white donuts with sprinkles!! Thanks for letting me spoil her! :)