Monday, January 30, 2012

Miss Independent/Miss Sensitive

Braelle is 16 months old and is more independent every day.
  • She does mostly her own feeding...loves a fork and a spoon!
  • She likes to wash her own body in the bath...fine by me!
  • She will not let me wash her hair anymore...she does it herself...see video below.
  • She hates a stroller and insists on doing her own walking and being in charge of pushing the empty stroller...
  • She likes to buckle herself in her carseat
  • She tries to put on her own shoes...but that's a fail
  • She thinks she's in charge, well she kind of is!

She is also now able to communicate what it is that is bothering her at that particular time....and it's always something! Braelle has been VERY sensitive since the day she was born, but now that she's able to communicate what's wrong, I look back and can see that these things have been bothering her all along, but then all she could do was cry. So you get an idea of what I'm talking about, here's some examples!
  • She hates socks, and if she must wear them, they must not be bunched in the slightest.
  • God forbid a pant leg slides up or down an inch...they must be exactly where they are supposed to be.
  • Sleeves are not allowed to be rolled up, so if she's eating something messy, I just have to take off the shirt completely.
  • Her thighs are really sensitive (this must be genetic b/c my mom is the same way). So don't ever try to hold her on your hip with your opposite hand on her thigh...
Those are only a few examples...and I wish I would have known those things when she was could have possibly saved our eardrums...but then again she's not just overly sensitive to touch, she's overly sensitive in all 5 senses. I sure hope this isn't the beginning to a very OCD child. For now, we'll just say, like my mom says, "she just feels things really strongly."

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  1. I HATED socks too! Monica said I would have a melt down every morning if the sock line was bunched! I've heard a trick that if you turn them inside out they don't bunch as much, worth a try?!