Friday, October 28, 2011

Mt. Pleasant Water Front Park

Braelle really loves to be outside these days and there just isn't a safe solution around our house. If we go out in the front yard, she runs straight to the street. If we go out to the back yard, she runs straight for the pond. I'm really wishing we had a fenced in yard right about now! With the weather as perfect as it is though, there is no reason why we shouldn't be outside! So, we went to the park. And we're thinking this is going to be a weekly occurrence! We had a blast!

The park is better when you meet new friends!

 Big foot has to take BIG steps!

So much room to go where ever she wanted...She loves freedom!
Someone was worn out!

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  1. so fun! adelaide always begs to go outside these days too. and she has that same cute purple sweatshirt! can't wait for our girls to be friends some day :-)