Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Sleep Easy Solution

It has been one crazy week at my house! I decided that it was time to wean Braelle off of her night time feedings, so both of us could get some sleep! To be able to successfully do that, she needed to know how to put herself to sleep, so that she would be able to go back to sleep in the middle of the night without a snack. Chrissy went online and ordered a book to help us with this process, "The Sleep Easy Solution." By Monday afternoon, we had highlighted what we needed to know and had a plan!'s the plan!
6:00 - Dinner Time (Braelle basically just downs a ton of blueberries)
6:45 - Bath Time (Braelle and I still bathe together & this is her FAVORITE time to lean over and get something to drink! ha!)
7:30ish - Quiet Time (We read books, play with toys, and rock...all in her room)
8:00 - Bed Time (I put Braelle in her crib, whisper some encouragement, and close the door!)
If she cries, I go back in every 5, then 10, then 15, ect minutes until she is asleep and tell her that I'm right outside the door, that I'll see her in the morning, to have sweet dreams and that I love her very much!

The Results
Night #1 - Braelle screamed, cried and sniffled for 45 minutes
Night #2 - Tears for 30 minutes
Night #3 - Tears for 30 minutes...*sigh*
Night #4 - 13 minutes!! HOPE!
Night #5 - ZERO MINUTES! I put her in her crib, she laid down and went to sleep without a peep!

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  1. Yayyyy Braelle!!! So proud of you and your Mamma!
    So excited for you to get some sleep :)